Dealerships using the New Car Sales App from GetTransparency separate themselves from the competition by sending custom videos to their customers instead of stock videos or still images. The Sales Agent begins building a relationship with the customer long before they visit the dealership by providing a running narrative highlighting the key features of the exact vehicle inquired about. Customers gain trust and a sense of loyalty to the sales agent who took the time to introduce themselves and the vehicle that is available.
Increase Appointments
  • Convert online leads into more appointments made and more appointments kept.
  • Custom video separates you from competition, and shows customer you care.
Shorten the Sales Process
  • Help customers narrow down their selection process by sending videos of different vehicles to choose from.
  • Cut callback time after test drives.
Go Viral!
  • Boost CSI by keeping customers updated as their new car is delivered.
  • All Sales videos are branded and ready to share to major Social Media sites.
  • Make it easy for customers to share their new car and to refer their friends and family.
“I love the GetTransparency sales system! It saves my prospects trips to the dealership – especially those who are out of the area – while still showing these low-funnel potential customers the features and options about which they’re calling. It works equally well for new and used vehicles. It helps me develop a relationship as I include a selfie when I’m describing the equipment, certification, etc. The GT tracking system, which distinguishes GT from videos taken on personal smartphones, enables management to track open rates for texts and emails, while boosting appointments made and kept. I had a lead from Pawtucket, RI that inquired on a 2015 Ford F-150, he was looking at the identical truck at the same price at two RI dealers but came to Needham, MA because I was the only guy to send a video highlighting the vehicle. Great branding and he knew who to look for when he got to Muzi. My 90 seconds of effort was well rewarded.”
~ Tim Duffy, Commercial Truck Sales, Muzi Ford