Service App

Service stations using GetTransparency are able to record custom videos of the good, the bad, and the ugly of any vehicle while it is on the lift. This video is then branded and sent directly to the customer via text message or email. The service advisor can track when this video is viewed or a call is requested so they can respond to the customer at the best time possible. When the customer sees and understands why maintenance is required, they are much more likely to pay for and schedule the maintenance.

Save Time

  • Receive quicker responses from customers as to what maintenance to perform
  • Send video to your used car manager for quicker approval

Increase Revenue without Adding Customers

  • Customers are willing to pay for what they can see and understand
  • Don’t lose business to “second opinions”

Boost CSI

  • Service doesn’t sell, it builds trust
  • Create rapport and loyalty

Warranty Work

  • Send videos to the manufacturer hotline to better inform of required maintenance
  • Decrease idle time on lift and hold time when manufacturer can view videos